“Peak Performance” during the pandemic has been our main focus and goal. During the pandemic, Peak has provided an amazing service and atmosphere for all of our clients and staff. These times have been challenging and unprecedented for all of us, and being able to work out has provided a sense of normalcy for all of our clients. Peak has been able to keep our clients safe through continuing our personal training techniques. There is one trainer for one client, and we have reduced the number of people who can be on the training floor at a time. Masks and social distancing are required, and our staff regularly sanitizes all equipment and workout spaces. Peak also has a mandatory temperature check and health check in place before every workout. Let's get through it, and we are all in this together!


    Posted By: spelletier on June 7 2021, 1:11 PM

    Here at Peak, we have always emphasized the importance of the body and mind. Our mantra, after all, is “for the body, for the mind, for life.” Mental health is more important now than ever before, and Peak is committed to ensuring our clients physical and mental well being. Exercise is a great way to […]

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  2. The One-Song Workout

    Posted By: spelletier on January 3 2011, 5:35 PM

    Workout Tips If you like working out and listening to music, then this is the workout I suggest for YOU. I can not stand silence when I work out; I need something to pump me up and get me excited! Right here is a test to see if you can listen to one song and […]

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