Medical specialty programs such as physical therapy and gerontology are designed to help special sectors of the public deal with debilitating injuries and the problems associated with aging. Unfortunately, because patients participating in these programs are also experiencing chronic pain from their medical conditions, traveling to centers that specialize in these programs can become a major problem. At Peak Personal Training, we have developed special rehabilitation and geriatric programs that anyone can take advantage of to experience the same healing provided at rehab centers, all without leaving your home.

The Advantages Of In Home Visits

Physical therapy requires that patients continue the therapeutic exercises given to them by their therapists at home, as follow up to their office visits. The same goes for participants in geriatric therapy programs, who are given exercises to build stamina, strength and flexibility in the aging muscles and joints. The advantage of participating in an at-home version of rehabilitation and geriatric therapy would allow those patients to take even greater advantage of the therapeutic process, without the additional stress of having to travel away from home to get it.

Physical therapy is generally undergone by patients who have suffered severe injuries due to accidents or illness and have to follow a strict regimen of physical exercises to regain strength, flexibility and mobility to whatever part of the body is affected. These sessions are often accompanied by expert massages and either hot or cold therapy to restore blood flow to the damaged tissues to encourage healing and growth of new cells. All of this can be accomplished easier at home and more closely monitored than it can be in a clinic.

The same goes for geriatric therapy, which is usually quite similar to classic physical therapy, as its goal is to restore movement, strength and flexibility to muscles and joints ravaged by aging. Stress can delay healing, developing a healing environment in the home encourages healing, making the road to recovery just that much smoother.

What to Expect From Our Rehabilitation And Geriatric Programs

Participants in our rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions can benefit and heal much faster through home visits as compared to those who have to travel outside the home. The exercises and massage treatments are essentially the same but with the in-home visits come a more personal dedication than can be given by an overbooked and overworked clinical therapist. Special attention is paid to any problems in flexibility, stamina and strength, as well as diet, to ensure the best possible healing can be accomplished.

For geriatric therapy, your trainer at Peak Personal Training will assist you in specially designed resistance exercises that will improve your strength, mobility and flexibility. We apply specific therapeutic massage treatments to ease aching muscles and joints and will work with you on eating right to regain bone density and muscle development, so that movement without pain becomes possible. In terms of rehabilitation and geriatric therapy with a personal touch, our programs cannot be beat.