One of the first things most people experience when they sign up for a new gym membership is that they find themselves getting assigned to a personal trainer and having to go through a health and fitness evaluation whether they want to or not. For some people, this can be an intrusive and awkward experience and depending on the personality and training of the personal trainer, might just make them reconsider continuing going to that particular gym. Very often, the reasoning behind this evaluation goes unexplained or glossed over, due to the overzealous sales technique of the gym employee. At Peak Personal Training, we want you to be comfortable with all of our services and we would love to take the time to explain the how and why behind the evaluation concept, to settle any questions you might have.

The Logic Behind It All

The first thing that any personal trainer should do when performing the health and fitness evaluation for a client is to explain the reasons why it is necessary. It is simply meant to be a measurement of your current fitness level, along with a discovery of any health concerns you might be experiencing. This information is used by the trainer to create an exercise program that is safe, effective and will deliver the results you want to see. If we do not know your current fitness level, we cannot design a customized program that you will be able to handle enough to keep you motivated.

We understand that there are some things that you would rather not discuss, especially when it concerns weight and exercise. A good trainer will handle everything delicately and in a manner that is not meant to be humiliating or embarrassing. When you engage Peak Personal Training to train you, we do so with only your safety and comfort in mind and the information these evaluations give us help us do just that. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask. That is what we are here for.

What to Expect During Health &Fitness Evaluations

At Peak Personal Training, by asking questions about your health, we gain the knowledge of any conditions that could affect your endurance and stamina during exercise. If you have asthma, then you may need to approach aerobic exercises differently from someone who is asthma free. By asking these questions concerning your overall health, we get a better picture of how to design your exercise program.

The physical part of a health and fitness evaluation is meant to test your current limits. The simple routines we will put you through tell us how much you are capable of handling now, as far as physical activity. Weighing you and determining your body mass index will help us to give you the best advice possible on a diet that will help you achieve your goals, in the healthiest way possible.