The human body is a medical miracle, with everything designed to work together, while functioning apart. When it comes to muscle conditioning, concentrating and accentuating one muscle grouping can have a dramatic effect on the way another works. If you have ever suffered from back pain, even just occasional twinges, you would definitely benefit from our lower back and abdominal strengthening programs at Peak Personal Training. You will be surprised just how good you will feel once you hit the right harmony.

The Core Is the Key

You have probably heard what doctors and fitness experts usually have to say regarding the core. But do you know exactly what the core is?

This is essentially a group of muscles that help provide support and stability for the pelvis and the lumbar spine, both of which reside in the lower back. This core group includes the abdominal muscles. Working too much on the abdominals without building up equally on the other members of the core can weaken the support for the lower back and lead to chronic back pain as a result.

At Peak Personal Training, we begin our lower back and abdominal strengthening program by first explaining about the core muscles and how strengthening these muscles can help stave off lower back pain.

How Our Program Works

Our lower back and abdominal strengthening program is designed to work all muscle groups in the core equally, including the abdominals, so that stress is taken off the lower back and your overall stability and support is enhanced.

We first focus on all four muscles that make up the core – the abdominals, transverse abdominus, pelvic floor and lumbar multifidus – by utilizing exercises such as the drawing-in maneuver to build up muscle strength. Only then do we progress on to abdominal specific exercises.

The drawing-in maneuver consists of simply sucking in your bellybutton towards your spine and holding it for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times and you will feel all the muscles in your core respond! Add to this simple crunches and plank exercises that improve coordination of legs, hips and lower back and you will soon begin to feel increased strength in not only your abs but in your lower back and legs as well.

Our lower back and abdominal strengthening plan will also help increase your stamina and endurance while exercising and even amp up your metabolism for some weight loss as your muscles build into the six pack and solid core your body needs.