If you are an athlete, then you know how important it is to stay in peak physical conditioning, so that you can continue to play the sport you love. It does not matter if you are a professional athlete, semi-pro or an amateur, the fact is you cannot play effectively if you are not in the best shape to do so. With our sports performance training package, you get access to everything you need to keep in shape, during the season and off.

The Opportunity to Hone Your Skills

With the help of your own personal trainer, participating in our sports performance training classes will give you the opportunity to hone your skills, improve your stamina and keep your edge, even during the off-season. Even those athletes who play multiple sports take advantage of our unique training program and improve their speed, strength and power while doing so.

Training Without the Drama

With our professionally trained advisors at your side, you can keep your skills at their peak, without having to work through a complicated system of drills. Our sports performance training combines basic conditioning techniques with a no-nonsense and nutritional diet that will have your muscles toned and your metabolism burning, without the risk of serious injury. At Peak Personal Training, we keep it simple but give you the maximum rewards you want.

Exercise routines that we utilize range from the simple jump rope that helps improve footwork and quickness to full body strength training, which include full body workouts with weights at least twice a week. Depending on your sport, we will also include workouts that concentrate on your core, building up the support and stamina you need to compete, as well as rotational and lateral drills to keep your reflexes at their peak.


Our sports performance training programs have inherent benefits that a lot of other programs cannot dream of providing. We do a full evaluation of your health and fitness throughout the program, pointing out potential danger zones and areas you need to improve upon. Everything is designed to improve your stamina, your endurance, your balance and your flexibility. If you need to drop a few pounds, we can get you there, without stressing out your body to do so.

At Peak Personal Training, we care about your overall health as well and we will work on stretching and stress reducing exercises to give your muscles both the strengthening and rest they need to remain healthy. Being fit is not necessary only during play, it is important all year round and with our sports performance training programs, we will help you create a body that is strong, powerful and ready for action whenever it is needed.